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Watch: ‘First impressions inside Hasidic Jewish Community – NY’

Peter Santenello “makes videos showing you a world that the media fails to capture.”

No polarization or political angle, “just pure authentic interactions with the locals.”

“I present the story, you present your own opinion.”

Santenello recently visited Boro Park in Brooklyn, and was guided by Ami Magazine writer Shloime Zionce.

Here is what he found:

“First Impressions Inside Hasidic Jewish Community: Join me as we dive into a serious cultural awakening inside of one of New York’s Hasidic Jewish communities. This was an eye-opener, and not at all what I expected!”:

“What Hasidic Jews Can Teach You: I came across a lot of interesting wisdom here in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Here’s another look into the Hasidic Jewish world full of mystery and wisdom”:

“Hasidic Jews’ Views on Intimate Relationships & Modern Culture: Surprising and insightful conversations with Hasidic Jews in Brooklyn about relationships and modern culture”:

Header: Members of Jewish Orthodox community gather around a journalist as he conducts an interview on a street corner, Wednesday, Oct. 7, 2020, in the Borough Park neighborhood of the Brooklyn borough of New York. Gov. Andrew Cuomo moved to reinstate restrictions on businesses, houses of worship and schools in and near areas where coronavirus cases are spiking. Many neighborhoods that stand to be affected are home to large enclaves of Orthodox Jews. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)