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Watch: France makes COVID shot mandatory for health professionals

French President Emmanuel Macron on Monday announced that the COVID-19 vaccine would be mandatory for all health workers and those working in long-term care homes.

Macron also said anyone wanting to travel by train, bus or air, or access a number of venues, including cinemas, amusement parks and concerts would have to show proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

Unveiling sweeping new measures intended to combat a surge in infections, Macron said vaccination would not be mandatory for the general public, but encouraged everyone to get their shot.

France has gone from an average of more than 400,000 first injections per day at the end of May to about 165,000 per day.

Some 53.1 per cent have had a single dose of COVID-19 vaccine and 40.6 per cent are fully vaccinated.

Source: Global News