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WATCH: French police clash with rioters (GRAPHIC)

Thousands of demonstrators gathered at the Place de la Republique Saturday to protest the proposed “anti-security” law making it illegal for activists to film police officers or personally identify them. Despite the government’s avowal to rewrite sections of the bill, protests continued throughout the day.

The measure has come under heavy scrutiny from human rights activists as well as the UN.

Ruptly provided footage of riot police attempting to disperse the crowd by firing at them from water cannons and making dozens of arrests.

Water cannons were deployed on demonstrators in Paris on Saturday during another anti-security bill protest around Place de la Republique.

Protesters gathering in the French capital’s city centre were confronted by riot police and trucks which attempted to disperse the crowd by firing water at the demonstrators.

Manifestation à Paris : des organisations et syndicats dénoncent des «interpellations arbitraires» Manifestants contenus par les forces de l’ordre à Paris le 13 décembre.

Thousands of people continued taking to the streets of Paris throughout the day despite the government’s announcement that it would rewrite Article 24 of the law; the provision that restricts the filming of police officers, after weeks of protests.

The law in its current form makes it illegal to disseminate images in which police officers can be personally identified, among other things.

The bill has been heavily criticised by activists and journalists who say it violates freedom of the press, as well as UN human rights experts who have said the bill is in violation of international law.

Source: Arutz Sheva