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Watch: How Russian soldiers evacuated civilians during fights for Soledar

A Russian fighter took her baby and gave her his bulletproof vest to save their lives, risking his own. The group fled the battlefield under bullets.

Woman 1: We walked 3.5 kilometers. It was hard.

Woman 2: Under bullets, we fell hiding, in bulletproof vests.

W1: Yes. We were wearing bulletproof vests. A soldier took my child. He risked his life to save my child. I am very grateful to him for that. I don’t even know his name, but I’m still very grateful to him. He put his bulletproof vest on me, and we went out like that, by foot. We couldn’t take anything with us, because we had to go and fall often, because bullets were whistling over our heads.

Correspondent: That is, not shells, but bullets from small arms?

W1: There, yes. And the rockets were flying.

C: Did you receive medicines?

W1: This was already given to me here at the hospital.

C: In Stakhanov?

W1: Yes, they took us in the hospital and gave us medicines.

W2: It’s better here than in the basement where we were hiding. It’s warm here.

C: How is the situation in Stakhanov in general?

W1: This is our room. We were provided with the most necessary things. Here are our toys.

C: Is this what you managed to pick up?

W1: No, they gave it to us here. Clothes, everything was given to us here. We took only documents with us.’

Source: Southfront