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WATCH: International Court of Justice holds hearing against Israel for Gaza ‘genocide’

The International Court of Justice proceedings in The Hague get underway, with the 15 permanent judges plus two ad hoc judges from Israel and South Africa entering the courtroom in the Palace of Peace.

ICJ President Judge Joan Donoghue introduces Israel and South Africa’s designated ad hoc judges, former Israeli Supreme Court president Aharon Barak and South Africa’s former Deputy Chief Justice Dikgang Moseneke.

Donoghue swears in both ad hoc judges, and reads out the allegations made by South Africa in its application against Israel under the Genocide Convention.

A court registrar then reads out the provisional measures South Africa has requested the court to order against Israel, including ordering it to “take no steps in furtherance of its military operation” and “desist from the commission of any and all acts in under the scope of Article II of the genocide convention.”

Source: TOI Ngcukaitobi SC takes to the podium to present South

Africa’s allegations that the “destruction of Palestinian life in all its manifestations” is a result of “genocidal rhetoric” by senior Israeli officials, ehich has been reflected in the actions and rhetoric of IDF soldiers on the ground in Gaza.

He cites comments by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu referencing on more than one occasion, when discussing the war in Gaza, the biblical injunction for the Jewish people to “remember what Amalek did to you.”

The Bible recounts that King Saul was commanded to destroy all men women, and children of the Amalekite people, Ngcukaitobi observes.

  • He also cites comments by Defense Minister Yoav Gallant describing Palestinians as “human animals” as well as comments by National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir saying that those who supported and celebrated the October 7 atrocities should also be targeted in the IDF operation in Gaza.

Ngcukaitobi also plays video footage of IDF soldiers dancing and singing in Gaza, saying they would fulfill the Biblical commandment of destroying Amalek and singing “there are no innocents in Gaza.”

    • “Genocidal utterances aren’t out in the fringes, they are embodied in state policy. The intent to destroy is understood by soldiers on the ground,” alleges Ngcukaitobi.
    • “Any suggestion that Israeli officials did not mean what they said, or were misunderstood by soldiers on the ground, should be rejected by this court,” he says.

Source: TOI