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Watch: K2 is Beginning to Look a Lot Like Everest

When 145 climbers summited K2 in a single record-breaking day last week, it made the second-highest mountain in the world look more like Everest at its crowded worst.

Mingma G has just published a video on Facebook showing what the mountain looked like early on July 22, as clients and their guides moved up near the Bottleneck.

It recalls the notorious photos from Everest in recent years, showing a “Conga line” near the Summit.

Until recently, K2 was considered a “climber’s mountain” that was too technical and too dangerous to commercialize.

But as fixed ropes and abundant oxygen and Sherpa support have made 8,000m peaks easier, it turns out that that assessment was wishful thinking.

Source: Jerry Kobalenko – EXPLORERSWEB

Header: Frame from a video shot by Mingma G on July 22.