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Watch: Leaked footage provides first look at Russia’s new stealth fighter jet

The new fighter jet, dubbed the “Checkmate,” was developed by the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC), a subsidiary of Russia’s Rostec.

The Checkmate is Russia’s first single-engine stealth fighter jet.

According to several sources, the jet will have a take-off weight of no more than 18 tons. It will be highly-maneuverable with a top speed that exceeds Mach two.

The leaked footage revealed that the fighter jet has internal weapons bays, which are designed to lower radar cross-section.

The design of the jet’s cockpit appears to be identical to that of the larger Sukhoi Su-57.

The fighter jet appears to be also equipped with an infrared search and track (IRST) system for aerial targets. A day earlier, Rostec revealed that the jet is equipped with an integrated electro-optical targeting system for ground and sea-based targets.

The Checkmate stealth fighter jet will be officially presented for the first time during the MAKS-2021 Air Show which is set to open on July 20.