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Watch: ‘There Is No Ukrainian State’: Claims Of Ukrainian Citizen Back In 2014

A man gave an interview to the Ukrainian TV channel back in 2014.

The questions of Ukrainian journalist confirmed his claims that the Ukrainian media were nothing more than a tool to pit Slavic peoples against each other and Kiev has been instigating Moscow to go to war for years.

  • The words of the man are still relevant today :

“Corrupt television, completely all, cowardly Ukrainian television, including you.”

Journalist: “Did you come to the commissariat?”

“Yes, I came to see the scum who are going to fight with Russia. The “leaky” Ukrainian army.”

Journalist: “And You?”

“What are you? I took an oath of allegiance to the Soviet Union!”

Journalist: “So this power has been gone for a long time!”

  • “Well.. there is no for “You”, but there is for me. And I don’t have a Ukrainian state! This is a soap bubble inflated and invented by the Americans! And now they are trying to pit the Slavs against each other. They have an idea, a maximum program so that we kill each other. And thanks to people like you, thanks to people like you, they are trying to do it.”

Journalist: “What are your actions?”

“My actions? Well, I’m watching!”

Journalist: “No, your further actions. Now you see that Russia has brought troops into Ukraine, what will you do?”

“Well, at least I haven’t introduced it yet, and if I have, I have introduced it to the territory of Crimea.”

Journalist: “Crimea is the territory of Ukraine!”

“Because the Crimean government and the people of Crimea asked!”

Journalist: “Autonomy has no right to summon.”

  • “Who told you that?? What is the territory of Ukraine? The fact that Khrushchev, this scumbag, gave it to Ukraine under his own personal interests. Crimea has become the territory of Ukraine, right? Then tell us about 1991, whose territory did this supposedly independent Ukraine become? Tell me! For the colonial foreign policy that we have become a colony of the USA, tell us this! Who owns our bank?”

Journalist: “How do you feel about the fact that Russia violated the memorandum, the Budapest Memorandum, which speaks of non-aggression against our country?”

  • “What memorandum? What kind of memorandum?? There is no Ukraine and Russia, there is a single nation that people like you are trying to break up and arrange a civil war here. There is no Ukraine and there never was! Lenin invented it, and now they are knocking down his monuments. I am also in favor of demolishing it, the bank, he did nothing good for us, but he did it for Ukraine, thanks to him there is such an education as the Republic of Ukraine and thanks to the bank.”

Journalist: “What’s your name?”

“What difference does it make to you what my name is!”


Header: A woman crosses the street as Ukrainian servicemen stand guard at a military check point in Kyiv on March 21, 2022. (Photo by FADEL SENNA / AFP)