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Watch: Undercover Israeli forces kill three Palestinians inside Ibn Sina Hospital

The Israeli military has been targeting hospitals in various ways throughout the duration of this war, as we know.

But, going into a hospital as – essentially – a targeted hit squad to kill people inside the hospital, that has not happened since the beginning of this latest round of violence.

What we know about this is that overnight an undercover special forces unit went into the Ibn Sina Hospital, which is in the west of Jenin.

They were undercover in that they were dressed as doctors. Some of them dressed as nurses. Some of them dressed as civilians.

This unit was comprised of [Israeli] police and army.

They went up to the third floor of the hospital and there they shot and killed three young Palestinians.

  • It doesn’t look like there was any attempt to arrest these men. So they went in there and they killed them as they were sleeping.

We understand that one of them was taking treatment in the hospital and had been for some three months since he was injured by the Israeli army.

Al Jazeera Arabic’s reporter in Jenin is saying that two of the people were brothers.

  • One of them was connected to the al-Qassam Brigades.
  • That’s the armed wing of Hamas.

The other two were connected to the Jenin Battalion.

  • That’s Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Source: Rory Chaland – Al Jazeera