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Watch: What plans would Ramzan Kadyrov have for the West?

Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov is a trusted ally of Vladimir Putin and the son of the first president of the Chechen Republic, Ahmad Kadyrov. At the moment, Ramzan Kadyrov has a paramilitary troop at his disposal, which carries out his orders in exchange for considerable sums of money.

  • Recently, the Chechen leader sent a shocking message on Twitter, in which he explained how he would be right if he were in the place of the Russian president.

What has Ramzan Kadyrov got to do with Vladimir Putin?

Ramzan Kadyrov is one of the dreaded figures in the circle of those close to Vladimir Putin. He took power in Chechnya with the help of the Kremlin leader in 2003 after the assassination of his father, becoming interim president.

In 2007, Vladimir Putin appointed him leader of Chechnya, without holding any more elections, while offering him money to rebuild the country.

From the beginning of the Russian invasion, Vladimir Putin mobilized the Chechen armed forces on the front, one of their strongest targets being the assassination of President Zelensky. The brutality of Kadyrov’s military is also known, and they are responsible for several crimes committed in Russia, including the assassination of Boris Nemtsov in 2015.

  • The Chechen leader explained in a video on Twitter how he would act if he were in Vladimir Putin’s place, and how he would persuade the West to drop sanctions.

Kadyrov’s message was translated by BBC News journalist Francis Scarr. According to Razam Kadyrov, he would take revenge on all European states, leaving the United States without allies.

“If it were my decision, I would take all those European states that are now worth absolutely nothing and know their value and say, don, indecent things about our president and the Russian people. I would gradually take those states and then America would have no remaining allies,” Kadyrov said in a message on social media.

The Chechen leader goes on to say with a smile on his face that “war is a pleasure “, emphasizing that it aims to make people happy.

Kadyrov believes that the war should last until all sanctions are lifted, and the West will apologize for its mistake.

“Basically, the war should last until they lift all sanctions and apologize, don. It’s a war for good, it’s a war for people’s happiness, waging wars is a pleasure, don.”

“We get pleasure from that, don”, added Ramzan Kadyrov.

Finally, he quoted the Russian leader as saying that:

“… we die as martyrs, while the Ukrainians only die.”

Source: Francis Scarr