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We’re in a sinister new era of totalitarianism, where PC combat units use social media to destroy anyone who disagrees with them

Totalitarianism didn’t disappear when the Nazis were defeated. It hid, stealthily, only to come back later. The US and Europe intuitively built a new elaborate type of dictatorship. The state delegated the functions of surveillance, persecution, isolation and judgment to society. Initially, it looked very innocent: fighting against intolerance, defending the mistreated and the oppressed. Noble goals.

But with time, these values turned into idols, while intolerance of evil transformed into intolerance of a different opinion. And social media is making things worse. Public opinion is now a repressive machine that gangs up on people, booing and destroying anyone who dares to challenge its value system and moral compass.

The staff members of this repressive machine do not wear uniforms, they don’t carry batons or tasers, but they have other weapons, such as herd instinct and group-think, as well as deep insecurities and a desire to dominate – at least intellectually.

Psychological abuse is one of their classic methods, as they exploit a person’s fear of ending up alone against a crowd. Instead of a prison cell or a concentration camp, they put people in social isolation.

They can even prevent the victim from being employed – classic state repression of an individual.

In a Nazi state, a creative type such as Lars von Trier could lose his job and life over his “degenerate art.” In the beautiful modern state that people with beautiful faces are building, a Lars von Trier could lose his job, because he can be a politically incorrect troll who sometimes supports the wrong value system. And a Robert Lepage won’t get funding for his new theatrical production, because all the parts in the previous one were played by white actors.

You no longer need to take their lives.

Without work, the geniuses will fade into obscurity, and the new PC brigade will make them kneel in solidarity.

Individually, members of these combat units of political correctness are often smart and sophisticated people, but when they close ranks in the fight for or against something, they turn into an ignorant and aggressive mob.

And there’s no point arguing with them. They have only one criterion: are you with us or not?

That’s an ideal tool for the new way of abusing individuals – it’s not physical, it’s psychological.

China has been testing a new system in several provinces via which the citizens and their community are encouraged to assess the social behavior of individuals by assigning scores for respecting the rules and values practiced in this society. If you don’t achieve a high score, your ranking is low and your prospects are limited. Isn’t this just perfect for the new stormtroopers?!

It’s a modern reincarnation of the Munich gang, when a mediocre, covetous burgher pretends to be a civilized, progressive thinker.

They put labels on everyone who disagrees. They love drama and straightforwardness. But they are incapable of engaging in rational argument. It’s only natural that they began with declaring lofty values and ended with riots. They have started fires and justified arson. But you can’t rein in the freedom to love or hate using a set of rules established by the new ethics committee. Today, being free means being outside this mob of attacking, hating, condemning, moralizing, angry hypocrites.

Header: Pavilion 27, Auschwitz

Original: RT – Konstantin Bogomolov, award-winning Russian theater director, actor, author and poet.

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