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‘We’ve followed the Torah for 3000 years – nothing will change this morning’

Following the order of Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky to the directors of Talmudei Torah (haredi elementary schools) to open educational institutions Sunday morning contrary to the restriction on opening of grades 1 and higher, Yitzhak Ravitz, head of the Kiryat Ya’arim Council (Telz Stone), spoke today with Mendy Bitan on Kan Moreshet.

According to Ravitz, a member of the Haredi-Lithuanian Degel Hatorah movement, elementary schools in his city have not yet opened. “The directors of the institutions are now finding out what the position of the Torah giants of Israel is and they will act according to it. I have not clarified what the position is. The directors receive instructions from the rabbis directly.”

Asked how he would act as head of the council if the principals decided to open, he replied: “I am a haredi person, for 3,000 years we have been listening to the Torah and the rabbis, nothing will change this morning.”

On the other hand, the deputy mayor of Jerusalem, Avraham Bezalel, a Shas member, said in an interview with the program: “If I know about institutions that are open, I will update the professional echelon, they will send inspectors, update the police, do what they need to.”

Source: Arutz Sheva