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What did the Vizhnitzer Rebbe tell the Prime Minister yesterday?

After concluding this morning’s prayers, the Admor of Vizhnitz related some of the content of the discussion he held yesterday with the Prime Minister, as quoted by the Behadrey Haredim website.

“I told him that we have three essential things,” the Admor said. “These are: synagogues, mikvas [ritual baths for purity], and schools. I told him that if he would ensure that Shabbat was observed in the State, and the status quo was maintained in the public sphere, I could promise him that the coronavirus epidemic would disappear.”

The police disperse mass celebration of Vizhnitz Hassidim after Yom Kippur.

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Hager, held a celebratory tisch gathering attended by hundreds of hassidim in the main Vizhnitz synagogue in Bnei Brak following Yom Kippur on Monday night.

The celebration “was in violation of Health Ministry COVID-19 regulations”.

“Some hassidic and non-hassidic communities have not adhered strictly to Health Ministry COVID-19 regulations, including being lax regarding the wearing of masks and social distancing.”

Senior police officers arrived and escorted Hager out of the building. After they told him about the violation, he instructed his hassidim to go home.

The police fined the Vizhnitz community NIS 5,000 [$ 1,450].

Footage emerged on Tuesday of hundreds of people in Bnei Brak congregating at bus stops without wearing masks following the end of Yom Kippur services. Young men dancing in the streets without masks also were seen.

On Monday night, the police said they had issued dozens of fines in the city against those congregating in violation of COVID-19 health regulations.

On Tuesday morning, police disbanded a prayer service in a synagogue of the Jerusalem Faction, a hard-line splinter group within the Ashkenazi non-hassidic haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community, in Modi’in Illit. Dozens of worshipers were not wearing masks or observing social distancing, the police said.
Five worshipers were arrested after refusing to identify themselves and being issued a fine. The others dispersed.

A poster on the synagogue door said the community would not cancel prayer services, would ignore the police if they entered the building and would refuse to identify themselves. The community would help pay any fine issued against any member, it said.

A Jerusalem Faction spokesperson accused the police of using their group as a scapegoat, saying they treated the Vizhnitz Hassidim more respectfully and leniently and ignored violations by the Belz Hassidim in Jerusalem for months.

“If you want war, remember one thing: The [anti-Netanyahu] protests on Balfour [Street in Jerusalem] are child’s play,” the spokesman said. “If you push us into a corner, you will face protests by the Bnei Torah [Jerusalem Faction] community across the country.”

Source: JPost, Arutz Sheva, TOI

Note: [Admo”r] “Admor” is an acronym for “Adonainu, Morainu, VeRabbeinu,” a phrase meaning “Our Master, Our Teacher, and Our Rabbi.” This is an honorific title given to scholarly leaders of a Jewish community. In writing, this title is placed before the name.

Exactly one year ago:

The Vizhnitzer Rebbe, Rabbi Yisrael Hager, spoke in Yiddish and noted that the election falls on the 17th of Elul which is the 80th anniversary of Hitler’s entering Poland, sparking the Second World War. The Admor added that we should not take the words of secular politicians at face value and should realize that they truly intend to uproot Torah, adding that “People didn’t want to believe Hitler either.”

He added that “People didn’t want to believe it. Unfortunately for us, the destroyers of religion, the demolishers of religion, want to bring a holocaust .” The Admor was clearly referring to a spiritual holocaust which would be as disastrous as physical destruction.