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What happened in Wuhan? The single most important question

Two years ago, US embassy officials visited a Chinese research facility in Wuhan several times and sent two dispatches to Washington about safety risk in that laboratory that was conducting risky studies of coronaviruses from bats. The Washington Post reveals that what American officials learned during their visits worried them to the point that they sent two classified cables to Washington. The first cable warned that the lab’s work on bat coronaviruses and their potential human transmission represent the risk of a new Sars-like pandemic. There is no evidence that the virus that now plagues the world was created ad hoc, but that’s not to say it didn’t come from the lab that spent years testing coronaviruses, said Berkeley’s Xiao Qiang.

The Wall Street Journal also reveals that “ aTG13″ is the name and serial number of a bat of the Rhinolophus affinis species, or rather a sample of its feces collected in a cave in Yunnan, China. The sample was collected by scientists from the Wuhan Institute of Virology. The sample contains the virus that causes Covid-19. Bats are sold in markets and restaurants throughout China and Southeast Asia, but there is no evidence of their sale in the Wuhan market.

So, we don’t know how the virus passed from bats to humans, but now we know that Chinese researchers had a sample of the virus in Wuhan and that American diplomats after visiting the laboratory were alarmed that it could get out. Ah, we also know that the Chinese regime has done everything to keep this story hidden and that it seems to have gotten the West to submit to the point of not wanting to talk about it.

Forget knowing the truth about the origin of the pandemic. China has just imposed restrictions on publishing research on the origins of the coronavirus. Under the new policy, all academic papers on Covid-19 will be subject to additional checks before publication. Studies of the origin of the virus will receive a more thorough examination and must be approved by central government officials, according to the messages now removed from the web.

It is a perfect Chinese decision, as there is not a single international observer in Wuhan and the Chinese Communist Party must now close the mouth of its scientists, as it has already done to its doctors.

What happened in Wuhan?

Scary testimonies about the cremations came out. Radio Free Asia revealed them. Mourning relatives said they discovered anomalous objects in the boxes that could not have been linked to their relatives. A Wuhan Jiang’an district resident, “Liu”, said she found an unfamiliar belt clip in the urn allegedly containing her mother’s ashes. A resident of the Hongshan district said he found the remains of a denture in his father’s urn, althoughhis father didn’t have dentures.

They burned so many bodies that the cremation facilities cracked.

A source close to the funeral industry nicknamed “Ma” said some incinerators stopped working after being operated day and night and that they were cremating several bodies together to meet the demand.

The Daily Telegraph also spoke to a cremation worker. At the peak, there were 5,000 bodies awaiting urgent cremation in one of the 8 crematoria in Wuhan, compared to two dozen a day before the virus.

What happened in Wuhan? This is the single most important question. And very few dare to ask it. Why?

Original: Giulio Meotti for Arutz Sheva