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What is Murphy’s Law and how should we respond to it?

According to Rabbi Bernstein, when your dreams are all about yourself, your ego and your importance – you will be on the way down. But when you see your role as helping others achieve their dreams, you will certainly be on the way up.

This is a lesson I have seen to be so true in terms of leadership. It is natural that every person has an ego. However, when that ego gets in the way of one’s responsibility to others when one’s entire existence is about promoting oneself – it won’t work. You’ll find yourself, like Yosef (Torah; Parshat Vayeishev), on the way down. Rather, in positions of leadership, we need to see ourselves as existing for the sake of others. It is a gift from Hashem to help other people to help themselves.

So from Parashat Vayeishev, we learn the important lesson that if you exist for the dreams of others, Murphy’s law it does not have to apply.