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What’s the verdict on how Gutenberg editor affects WordPress load time?

“Based on what has happened with page builders like Divi, Beaver Builder, etc., when you give people easy options too many of them choose all the things! They don’t even understand they’re dragging their site down, because it loads fast for them (because of cache – which they also don’t understand).”

Many believers and defenders of page builders like Elementor claim “Gutenberg isn’t a page builder.” We agree. It’s not yet a page builder. It’s a more-complicated editor.

But people of “credibility” claim it is a page builder.

What’s causing this mysterious decline of once-upward-trending page builders?

It’s really no guess at all. Gutenberg!Released on the 6th of December 2018.

WordPress (Automattic) will mickey-mouse for three years getting Gutenberg to a workable version. Let’s see what happens. The first released version will be 100-percent extreme poor quality. But they’ll promise to fix it – right away (stall tactic). And, yes, we agree. Gutenberg is classic vaporware.

Gutenberg will dominate the market even though it sucks. The Herd will prevail.

Today, we predict page builder plugins will die before the end of 2019 – [2020].

Gutenberg is another example of retarding market growth with technophobia. Technophobia includes the fear of obsolescence.

Wasted time and money by the user adopting the wrong thing too soon.

The best page builder isn’t invented yet.


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