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Why are France’s sanitary dictators so keen on mandatory vaccination? By moving the goalposts, they’re slowing return to normality

While inaugurating a vaccination center in Paris earlier this month, French President Emmanuel Macron revealed his own vaccination status.

“As you know, I caught the virus and I still have antibodies,” said Macron, who announced that he had tested positive for COVID on December 17 last year.

“I will be vaccinated when it will be appropriate. It seems that it is a period between three and six months and that the longer we wait, the better if we still have antibodies. So, I think I will do a serology to see if I have antibodies and I will follow what my doctor tells me!”

But what about others who are also interested in making similar individual COVID-19 related personal health choices along with their doctor?

Will they be allowed to follow Macron’s example in doing so?

The French National Academy of Medicine, founded in 1731 by Louis XV with the mission of advising government on public health matters, doesn’t seem to want doctors and patients to have a choice.

“‘Obligation’ is not a foul word when it applies to vaccinating against COVID-19,” read a statement released by the academy on May 27, reiterating the importance of implementing “without delay” the vaccination passport that it has previously recommended.

It recommends making vaccination mandatory “for the practice of any essential professional activity” such as public service, education, health, security and defense, anything public-facing (like “retail, catering, hotel and hospitality sectors, cultural and sports establishments”), as well as for international travel, “blood, tissue or organ donors,” and all students before they start the new school year in September 2021.

The goal, they state, is to reach herd immunity of 80% of the French population, which would otherwise be a challenge in light of “the obstacle of reluctant people and people opposed to vaccination, the importance of these two recalcitrant categories being currently estimated at 15% for each of them.”

Macron himself has already said that the vaccine wouldn’t be a requirement. Even as he was recovering from COVID himself, he stated on Twitter on December 27, “I have said it, I will repeat it: the vaccine will not be compulsory.”

Good thing he took that approach, because if it ever did become mandatory, Macron himself might have a tough time traveling outside of France without being vaccinated if the sanitary dictators get their way – and it’s increasingly looking like they will.

But what’s the point of imposing the vaccine on anyone when the powers-that-be keep moving the goalposts?

Now that the COVID-vulnerable have been jabbed, why isn’t life back to normal?

Why do people still have to quarantine when they travel?

Why are there any restrictions still in place at all if the vaccine is now doing what it was supposed to?

In other words, everyone who may have been at risk of getting a serious form of the disease is now protected about as much as they can be through vaccination. Others, like Macron, have caught COVID, recovered, and now have natural immunity, which according to studies lasts for at least 13 months, maybe even years. Still others feel that they’re young and fit enough that it’s not much of a concern.

The vaccine was not meant to prevent someone from catching COVID, or from transmitting it. Its job was to reduce severity of symptoms.

But now the sanitary dictators are moving the goalposts again rather than allowing life to return to normal.

First it was “death reduction”, then “case reduction” – and now it seems they won’t let up until they have “reduced transmission”, along with our freedoms, to zero.

People don’t want a ‘new’ normal.

They want their life restored to the way it was before the self-contradicting experts and politicians started social engineering daily life on account of the pandemic.

The deal was that people take the vaccine and they get their freedom back. So why hasn’t that happened?

These control freaks always find an excuse to continue interfering in our daily lives. Now, the narrative has turned to the mutant variants.

Watch out for the new double-mutant Indian variant, now detected in Australia!

Hey, I’ll take a triple scoop of the double-mutant Indian variant with a single scoop of the triple-mutant Yorkshire variant with a topping of chocolate sauce.

Can I get a side of freedom with that? Apparently not.

Source: Rachel Marsden – RT