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Why B. Nuland is resigning from the State Department: FBI investigation into the “lost” billions of dollars of the Ukrainian “rebellion” in 2014

The American Undersecretary of State for Foreign Affairs Victoria Nuland is resigning from her position at the State Department at the end of the month, and the reasonable question arises as to why this is happening.

  • US sources say an FBI and Office of Special Investigations investigation is imminent into where and how $10.5 billion was spent in Ukraine’s infamous 2014 Maidan Square uprising that toppled the country’s then-legitimate president Viktor Yanukovych (the public informed of $5 billion).

  • As well as spending $120 billion on “open items” and nearly the same amount on secret CIA and Pentagon budget items through 2018.

The results of the work and reports are strictly classified. They are immediately transferred to the Secretary of State under the supervision of the FBI.

This is a survey that is being conducted at a time when the US Supreme Court has decided that Donald Trump can be a candidate for the presidency of the USA and it is considered certain according to opinion polls that he will be the winner of the presidential elections in November.

In short, there is a change in the political situation in the USA that is not shocking.

The investigation being conducted by the FBI is known to Donald Trump’s staff and the Republican party.

The Democrats do not want to have to deal with this issue during the pre-election period.

  • They felt that Nuland’s “withdrawal” at this time was the best option.

Russian diplomacy did not leave Nuland’s resignation untouched.

  • “The US is covering its tracks and its failure in Ukraine” the representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, Maria Zakharova, argued on this issue.

In her statements on Sputnik radio, she claims that Nuland’s resignation is one of the signs of the complete failure of American policy on the Ukrainian issue.

  • ” They will try to cover their tracks, through respective resignations, dismissals and attempts to restart this whole story related to the failure of their foreign policy and their miscalculations.

This is a consistent, on-going, US betrayal of its allies.

The US has never changed this,” Zakharova claimed, stating that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and the environment could not have known this.

Source: PRO News