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Will Netanyahu be allowed a dignified exit? At least that?

So we read that Naftali Bennett, incoming Israeli prime minister, by hook or by crook, wants to create a law that would prevent Netanyahu from ever running again, for any office.

Same deal here in the United States, against Trump. Charges are being drawn up against him to keep him busy from one courtroom to another for the next hundred years.

They don’t want you defeated. They want you destroyed.

Back here, there already is a law, unwritten and unspoken, but clearly understood among the media – Trump’s name is never to be mentioned, unless, of course, detrimentally.

What did he do that is so terrible? During his four years, there was no quagmire. No wars. Only peace. He made us energy independent. He secured our borders.

Together with Netanyahu, he scored a peace deal with four Arab states.

Anathema is his reward.

Recently, I asked someone, what hurts? What did Trump do to make you hate him so much?

The answer I get, always, is Charlottesville, the Capitol riot, and that he’s a racist. Okay, besides the Woke language, specifics, please.

What did he do so harmful to you and the nation?

They never come up with anything solid. Ditto when it comes to Netanyahu after you ask his detractors to name what ails them about him.

Surely to the Left he was too Right, and to the Right he was too Left, but for 12 years he served the nation honorably. He got it ranked as a powerhouse among the nations.

He championed the Zionist cause. He never gave away or offered away the house, as did some of his predecessors.

All that during the era of Obama, when a lesser man than Netanyahu would have buckled under the heavy hand of a hostile US administration. Bibi gave as good as he got.

That in itself is worthy of a pat on the back…instead of a kick in the back on his way out the door.

Saying that, I can already hear the groans, and the nitpicking, with no regard for the big picture.

What about this, they will say,…and what about that…and what about the corruption charges against him?

To which I say, and what about the corruption charges against Trump…that never seem to pan out…but keep on coming…just to keep him tangled up?

How is it different for Netanyahu, when we know that from the start, for both Trump and Netanyahu, it’s been baseless hatred that had them snared and got them removed?

I have not heard the Democrats mention any policy differences between themselves and Trump…only that Trump must be defeated because he is Trump.

Yes, Joe Biden is undoing everything Trump did. But that is not for policy. That is for spite.

The “Anyone but Trump” movement got started even before he got nominated…and never let up to this day and onward.

I cannot pinpoint the exact moment when the “Anyone but Bibi” movement got started, only that it became awfully shrill day by day.

Nor have I heard Bennett’s specific differences with Netanyahu, on policy…only that “Netanyahu must go.” Apparently, that is policy enough.

Or politics too much.

I did hear him say that it is time to “end the chaos” …which maybe he started?

If our treatment of Trump is any measure, Netanyahu should expect no parades for a job well done. He should expect continued character assassination.

The laurels will have to come from future historians whose eyes are clear and not clouded by baseless animosity.

Source: Jack Engelhard – Arutz Sheva