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Will our governments ever return our freedoms back to us?

Can we believe our governments when it comes to the new experimental mRNA vaccines?

Though there are millions of Israelis already who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine, there are still millions of other Israelis who have not chosen to get vaccinated.

The government is aggressively pushing the experimental vaccine, trying to get the population vaccinated so we can get back to “normal” life.

This carrot being dangled in front of the general population has pitted some of the population against each other, blaming those who have not vaccinated to do so, so we can all get back to our old lives.

But will the government be able to keep its promise and does it even want to? Once you one has power, it is rare that they want to give it up.

Tamar Yonah’s guest today is Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith.

He believes that we are seeing a war between ideologies of Bible believing people who believe that our creator is the G-d of abundance vs. the more secular world who, he says, embrace the cult of scarcity.

Source: Arutz Sheva