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WordPress Community Designers Create the Museum of Block Art

Anne McCarthy announced the launch of the Museum of Block Art (MOBA) earlier today via the Gutenberg Times blog.

The site’s goal is to showcase creative uses of blocks and inspire the WordPress community to push the limits of what is possible with the block editor.

All of the art curated here is built using the block editor thanks to design tools that have come over the last few releases from border support to gradients and more.

The site showcases 22 pieces of block art from 11 people in the WordPress space. Ann McCarthy, Tammie Lister, Beatriz Fialho, Allan Cole, Rich Tabor, Nick Hamze, Brian Gardner, Javier Arce, Mel Choyce-Dwan, Channing Ritter, and Francisco Vera all contributed to this first outing.

“I wanted to take it a step further because it felt so compelling to look at something and not have an ‘I bet that was made with WordPress’ feeling that many of us have had,” said McCarthy.

Because the Museum of Block Art allows for more artistry in its showcase, it can also create inconsistent results if end-users blindly copy/paste the code.

With WordPress 5.8 and WordPress 5.9 packed with an increasing number of nifty design tools, the gears started turning — what wild and wonderful things can we create?!

The result is what you can explore here.

If you’re thinking to yourself that you didn’t know you could create these kinds of magical art pieces with WordPress, that’s the intent. If you want to try your hand at making your own, take WordPress 5.9 for a spin and push it to the limits.