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WordPress Governance Project Looks for New Leadership

The WordPress Governance project is looking for new leadership after its current leaders, Rachel Cherry and Morten Rand-Hendriksen, announced that they will be stepping down. Weekly meetings have been canceled until the organization selects new leadership.

Cherry identified two recent controversial issues within the WordPress project with debates that highlight a lack of established policy, including auto-updating old versions of WordPress and questions about conflicts of interest.

Rand-Hendriksen asked questions about how and where the decision will be made regarding auto-updating old versions of WordPress, who holds responsibility for the final decision, and how people without decision-making power will be represented. His questions went unanswered.

This whole project is doomed from the beginning. Right now, WordPress governance is basically Automattic.

Matt Mullenweg is governance. Period. I continue to predict that wordpress dot com and dot org will, in time, be merged by Automattic. Investors will be delighted. No shiny ball needed.