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World War III is not over yet

“We live in an epochal crisis. I believe that we are not yet at the bottom, not even in the middle of this crisis.

More and more I’m thinking about it. I am convinced that the cultural, intellectual and political scenario has not yet expressed all its potential. We must consider ourselves at the end of the third world war.”

The war Dossetti talked about in this 1993 interview was more devastating or equally devastating than the other two, because it was fought only by evil in the name of evil, between equally evil powers, albeit with less bloodshed in appearance. But this war, according to all evidence, is not over yet, it has taken other forms and we are in it without being able to see its end. We are in the planetary war against the virus, part of the thousand civil wars that divide peoples from within and involved in spite of ourselves in the war in Ukraine as the occasion of a white world war, which is carried out first of all in the language and minds of the men.

It is possible, however, that Dossetti was right and that this interminable war somehow coincides with the end, that the end is, so to speak, always ongoing.

«We are faced with the exhaustion of cultures – he added – I do not see the birth of a new thought either on the secular side or on the Christian side. We are all immobile, fixed on a present, which we try to patch up in some way ».

The powers that are fighting have in fact no salvation and no truth to propose: only a continuous, looming threat of disease and death and the hatred and war of each one towards all.

They are, in this sense, at the end and the atrocious planetary civil war they wage is the form of their end.

September 5, 2022

Source: Giorgio Agamben – QUODLIBET

  • Translated