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Yair Netanyahu compares Israeli media to Nazi filmmaker Riefenstahl

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s son Yair compared journalists to a Nazi propagandist on Thursday evening, tweeting that the Third Reich’s filmmaker “Leni Riefenstahl could learn a lot from the Israeli media.”

Riefenstahl was close to Adolf Hitler and directed a number of Nazi propaganda films, including the infamous “Triumph of the Will,” which debuted in 1935.

Israeli journalists swiftly condemned the comparison.

“As a journalist and son of a Holocaust survivor, I am shocked by the comparison,” tweeted Maariv’s Knesset reporter Arik Bender.

Challenged by Uriah Canaff, the deputy editor of Haaretz’s weekend magazine, Yair Netanyahu replied that he should “ask your bosses at Dumont Schauberg. They know something or two about about Nazi propaganda.”

German publishing house Dumont Schauberg, which supported the rise of the Nazi party through its Kölnische Zeitung newspaper, has a 25 percent interest in Haaretz.

The prime minister and his elder son are both harsh critics of the Israeli media, which the senior Netanyahu has accused of spreading “fake news.” Netanyahu has also accused the press of participating in a “witch hunt” against him alongside the left and law enforcement agencies.