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You don’t need more Medicine, You need more Medi-Sun

Dear People Of The World,

We have all been brainwashed into being needlessly fearful. There is going to be a calamity of great proportion, and many people on the earth are going to die if everyone doesn’t overcome their imagined fear of the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Remember how they fooled us by showing people in Wuhan, China who were dropping dead on the streets? News reports called these “haunting pictures” and said: “These days many people have died.” But as of July 3, 2020, there have been 3869 deaths attributed to COVID-19 coronavirus in Wuhan, China, the epicenter for the outbreak. That is 3869 deaths in a population of 11 million, or 3.5 deaths per 10,000.

Remember the body bags at the hospital in New York and they had to store the dead bodies in body bags in a refrigerated truck in the hospital parking lot.

Listen to the haunting music added to the video.

That was the panic the news bureaus sold us – – – people walking down the street and dropping dead. Yet this never happened anywhere. This is propaganda. You have been conned.

Do not listen to the health experts (imposters). Maps of countries where face masks are worn almost religiously, like Bolivia and Chile in South America, reveal these countries have high death rates from COVID-19 coronavirus.

Social distancing will not save you. It will only delay when a bacterium enters your lungs from another infected person. Staying inside in quarantine will only cause your immune system to weaken.

There is evil in this world that is attempting to exterminate the masses. To starve and impoverish, to turn one person against another, turn one race against another.

The pandemic was pre-planned in the U.S. Congress beginning on January 24, 2019, a year before the first cases of COVID-19 were reported.

The experts have told you on the television to protect from COVID-19 coronavirus, but it kills very few people. Here in America Stanford University researchers discovered only 1 in 4000 middle-age people get sick from COVID-19 and only 1 in 19 million die from it. But if you stay indoors as your health charlatans advise, you are going to get sicker.

More people succumb to COVID-19 coronavirus when their immune system is weak. The entire epidemic is a fraud, a charade, a hoax. It is fake news; whatever way you want to say it.

Some people die of horrible death that isn’t a coronavirus

Health experts have made you phobic over COVID-19. They keep advising you to wash your hands, and disinfect everything else. But viruses are not live. They are not spread by contact with viral particles on surfaces. Even the Centers For Disease Control admits COVID-19 is not spread to our lungs by viral particles on surfaces like door handles, tables, etc. Another misdirection (let’s call it a lie).

Yes, some people are dying of lung disease. They can’t breathe. Many of these are cases of tuberculosis that are being misclassified as COVID-19. Pay attention. You may hear of the great Spanish flu in 1918 that killed millions of people. Researchers at the University of California, Berkeley have only in recent years discovered it wasn’t influenza that killed millions of people in 1918, it was tuberculosis.

The major antidote for tuberculosis is sunshine vitamin D. That is why infectious diseases like the flu come in winter and vanish in summer. But if you stay indoors, you will wither without sunlight. You will become ill.

Humans are like plants, they cannot survive without sunlight.

No one is dying from COVID-19 coronavirus or from tuberculosis. They are dying from a weak immune system. In simple language, think of this as your internal defense system.

Hotbeds of COVID-19 coronavirus have tuberculosis

You hear of many people dying in China and Italy and New York City. Those are areas where tuberculosis is concentrated among immigrants or as a soil organism in pig waste that blows in the air into the lungs to cause you to have difficulty breathing. The outbreaks of COVID-19 in Wuhan, China and Modena, Italy were cities with terrible air pollution. Tuberculosis is caused by an aerosolized bacterium, not a virus.

Tuberculosis is dormant (latent) in 2 billion people on the earth, waiting to erupt into active infections when vitamin D levels are low.

TB produces similar symptoms as COVID-19 coronavirus (cough, fever, diarrhea, etc.) Both are lung infections.

In 2015 an estimated 48,922 people in China died of tuberculosis. For comparison there have been 4603 estimated deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus in China since the outbreak started in Wuhan in late 2019.

Which is the greater fear? COVID-19 coronavirus or tuberculosis?

There are an estimated 13 million people with dormant (latent) tuberculosis in the United States and yet we are being urged to be fearful of a lung virus that has infected far fewer Americans than tuberculosis.

The drugs being used against COVID-19 coronavirus (hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin) are antibiotics that are used to treat tuberculosis. Antibiotics don’t “kill” viruses.

Countries that have a policy to immunize their population against tuberculosis have a far lower infection and mortality rate from COVID-19 coronavirus. Why, if this is a virus?

Humans don’t thrive without sunlight

You must come out of your homes and expose your skin to the sunlight to make life-saving vitamin D. You must overcome the fear that the newspapers and the internet sources and television reporters told you.

If you cannot get mid-day sun (10 AM to 3 PM), then try to find sun lamps, or vitamin D pills. Go to the pharmacy. Ask them for vitamin D pills.

All infectious disease is worse in winter when we bundle up to stay warm and no skin is exposed to the sun.

It is not the cold temperature that causes colds and virus infections in winter, it is the lack of sunshine vitamin D that brings on colds and flu in wintertime.

Almost nobody dies of infectious diseases if they have enough vitamin D.

Many millions of people in the world have weak immune systems. If you can find vitamin pills, take vitamin C and D, and the mineral zinc. Zinc is difficult to find in foods — only oysters have a lot of zinc.

We are all subject to our over-lords and politicians and bankers. And they have evil plans.

We must unite, we must save our own lives, we must begin to rise up.

Almost nobody died of COVID-19 coronavirus in the hospital when their vitamin D levels were adequate.

Vitamin D tests for the hospitalized

If your country has hospitals, demand the doctors test for vitamin D blood levels in every patient that is admitted to the hospital. This practice will uncover the fraud and lies they are telling you about COVID-19 for many years.

You and your loved ones are dying of vitamin D deficiency induced by your health authorities telling you to stay indoors. The hospital deaths will vanish when the doctors correct the vitamin D deficiency.

Develop natural antibodies

Since there isn’t a vaccine for this COVID-19 virus (which really isn’t a virus) then you must expose yourself to it and develop natural antibodies.

It is actually very difficult to get infected with COVID-19 coronavirus. Stanford University researchers found it takes 6,670,000 contacts with people who are already infected for 1 person to become actively infected and die.

Antibodies are small protectors in your body that fight germs. Antibodies are better than any vaccine. Don’t wait for the vaccine, it may be fashioned to kill people. Even if the vaccine is effective, it will kill because it doesn’t correct your vitamin D deficiency. Vaccines don’t work if you don’t have enough vitamin D.

Go out and be social with others. Most healthy people don’t even feel sick or only get a mild fever if infected. Don’t be afraid. We need to develop our own antibodies so we don’t need to be vaccinated.


Don’t be fooled. Time is short. The people who run the world are leading you in the wrong direction. Defy the self-proclaimed health experts. Defy the World Health Organization. Do not believe them. Turn off your television sets. The news reporters are spreading fear.

Come out of the dark

People who do not go outdoors, like our loved ones in nursing homes, they have low vitamin D levels and are at high risk for death from COVID-19 coronavirus. Get them outside in the sun.

Take the desks in your children’s schools and put them outside, like they did in the 1930s.

People who have dark skin pigmentation do not make as much vitamin D from sunshine as other people with white skin. This is why people with dark skin are high risk.

Cease unproductive arguments over disparity in the quality of healthcare between groups of people. Sunshine is the equalizer. You don’t need more medicine, you need more medi-sun.

If you are light-skinned and sensitive to the sun then use vitamin D pills. Take a lot of beta carotene (non-toxic, as much as 25 milligrams) and it will be stored in your skin and prevent sunburn so you can go out in the sun and make vitamin D. If you are dark skinned and don’t like turning darker from sun exposure, take vitamin D pills.

Why infectious disease vanishes in summer and returns in winter

In ancient history people worshipped the sun. Now we know why. When the earth tilts back towards the sun in the northern hemisphere, summer begins in April and May and winter begins in November; and in the southern hemisphere summer starts in December and winter starts in June. When summer begins, these infectious diseases vanish. When winter comes, they return.

There is a band of countries that encircle the earth at the equator. This is where sunshine is most intense. And those equatorial countries have very few deaths from COVID-19 coronavirus.

The liver should store 3 months of vitamin D during the summer for winter months when our skin makes very little vitamin D. Vitamin D is free.

Understand, for many years now, the health experts have kept this information about vitamin D and the sun hidden from the people of the world. Your elected politicians have already made deals to buy millions of dollars of unproven vaccines that may cause you to go to the hospital. They should have been purchasing millions of dollars of vitamin D pills.

Vitamin D was discovered in 1913. It has taken over 100 years for the experts to tell you that can you cannot be healthy without vitamin D. When you go to the hospital you are deprived of sunshine vitamin D, the primary source of this vitamin. When your children go to school, they don’t get enough vitamin D unless they play outside. Today many millions of people who once worked outdoors now work indoors at desks with computer monitors. The whole world is deprived of vitamin D. Your doctors aren’t telling you this.

Modern medicine doesn’t like people knowing how to stay healthy without costing money.

There are no side effects from taking vitamin D pills unless we take one million units a day for many months. 400 units of vitamin D, the amount commonly provided in vitamin D pills or in fortified foods, is not enough to stay healthy.

Now we are afraid to go to the doctor’s office only to be infected by healthcare workers who have COVID-19 coronavirus infection. You don’t need a prescription to get vitamin D. It is as free as sunshine.

In the 1960s in Finland, where people live many thousands of miles from the equator, the vitamin D requirement was 4000-5000 units per day. But doctors didn’t make much money because the people were healthy taking that much vitamin D. So, the doctors lowered the amount of vitamin D needed to just 400 units, not even equivalent to 10 minutes of sunshine.

If we go outside in the middle of the day in summer and expose most of our skin to sunshine for 30 minutes you will make 10,000 units of vitamin D. You need about 8000 units of vitamin D per day.

Health experts said they made a big (intentional?) mistake when they said we only need small amounts of vitamin D to stay healthy. We need 30 minutes of midday sunshine with full-body skin exposure to the sun.

Go to the beach where the sand reflects the sun onto our skin. Your liver will store vitamin D for many months after going to the beach.

Don’t rely on government

We need to do these things to save our own lives. Do not depend upon government or health authorities. Do not depend on vaccines. Do these things now or suffer terrible consequences. Do not believe news reports that more people are dying when they go outside and are not locked indoors. The news reporters will twist your mind into thinking the sun is our enemy.

Rise up now before millions are exterminated. The man who is funding all the vaccine experiments believes there are too many people on the planet. Don’t be one of his victims.

Spread this around the world. The people of the world are going to be knocked over like bowling pins. Come out of the fear before it becomes perpetual. You have been conned. Throw off the face masks or wear them, that is your choice. But face masks will not save your life, vitamin D will.

Money is being controlled

Most of us are poor. Three-quarters of the world’s population earns less than 5 United States dollars per day.

The people in power in the world, especially bankers, are going to cut off our money supply.

They are trying to force everyone to use electronic money so they can cut us off from money so we can’t survive. Throw away your credit cards and debit cards. Stop being peons and slaves to bankers.

Don’t give the bankers your money they use to make themselves richer.

Start in small towns and cities and create your own money. Be very truthful and honest. Trade labor. If you do two hours of labor, mark it on a piece of paper and agree what your hourly rate of pay is. Have three people sign the paper. Trade these hours of labor with each other.

If you can barter, then do that. Trade potatoes for tomatoes. Do what you must do to survive. Get to know farmers and buy from them directly.

Go back to work

Go back to work. If we don’t go back to work, no one will get enough food. No one will get their medicine. No one else will have their jobs if we don’t go to our jobs. If we don’t work to harvest the crops and prepare our chickens and distribute the eggs, everyone will starve. Go back to work.

Do not wait for the vaccine. Even a perfectly safe vaccine has side effects that can kill.

Guard yourself if you have diabetes, or high blood pressure, or obesity, or you have autoimmune problems, you are in a high-risk group.

Read this report to your family, especially if they live in poor countries where many people may be illiterate. Unlike any other time in history, we have opportunity to tell the world about this fraud via the internet. Censors will attempt to erase this report from view. Forward it everywhere you can think so it can’t be erased. Post it in every location you can imagine. Put a different title on it to fool the censors. We all must carry the torch for health freedom.

Original: Bill Sardi – LewRockwell