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You will not believed what happened in Beitar: the lamb stepped to slaughter, a miraculous dream and a terrible divorce

The Kashani family, who live in Beitar Illit, had a regular home evening routine.

Rabbi Yitzchak Kashani was sitting with his children, when suddenly a request arose from them: they want their father to buy them a pet to raise at home.

“I was thinking about what a pure animal I could raise at home,” R. Yitzhak told Ami Maimon in a refinement program, “and I came with the children to the conclusion that a small sheep would be a nice animal to raise.”

Inquiries with the neighbors and acquaintances led R. Yitzchak to a nearby Arab village. After a brief confusion between Rabbi Kashani and the seller, it turns out that Rabbi Yitzchak received a male sheep instead of a female one. His insistence on the Arab to replace his sheep with another sheep – which has not grown and remains small, unlike a male sheep that grows at a fast pace – came to naught. The Arab seller did not agree to the exchange.

Thus, with too little and insufficient preparation, R. Yitzchak Kashani finds himself, with five children at home – and a sheep.

“The truth is that quite surprisingly, we connected to the lamb very quickly and even called it by its affectionate name: Aziz (- in Persian: expensive / lovable),” says R. Yitzchak. “For six months we raised him in our house, and he really became part of the experience at home, we fed him properly and took care of him.”

But this is where an interesting development begins.

“After six months,” says Rabbi Kashani, “we began to see wounds in the ear area. “I made a brief inquiry and was told that it indicates some kind of disease in the sheep and that I must slaughter it now, before it suffers and will also be prey in the end.”

Rabbi Yitzchak explained the situation to his family, and went with the sheep – Aziz, for slaughter.

“The slaughterers and the students who came to learn about the slaughter, said that they had never seen a sheep so attached to its owner and really cried and shouted and did not want to say goodbye to him,” he says. “I bent down to the lamb and told him that this was the best thing that could be for him, and that if I had a choice, I certainly would not have led to the slaughter. The sheep calmed down and went to the slaughterers, ”R. Yitzchak shared with the listeners the last moments of Aziz the sheep.

“I can’t describe the grief I went through when I discovered that the lamb was prey because of a healthy hole created by one of them getting stuck between the bars, and one of the small ribs that broke, punctured the lung, by the way.

But here begins the real drama: “I went to sleep, I was sad and all I wanted was to rest from this difficult experience. Then the scariest thing I came across happened. In my dream there is a Spanish sage I did not recognize, with the dress of the sages of old, his gray beard, and tells me that he is Aziz, and he went down for correction in this world for a few months to correct the times he did not eat foods for heaven’s sake.

“I asked the sage questions that were not clear to me,” says R. Yitzchak, “but the sage answered everyone.”

“Then came the most important part,” he says, “I asked the sage how I would know that the dream was real, and how they would believe me and not think I was hallucinating dreams? The sage answered me: “After all, you are working in the court, tomorrow someone will come for a divorce, and his name will be Aziz, so you will know that all this was real!”

“Early in the morning,” says R. Yitzchak, “I finished a prayer, ran to the court quickly, went through all the names, and unfortunately discovered that there was no one named Aziz. I realized that the whole story of the lamb is an imaginary fruit and I was very sorry about that. ”

But the story is not over.

“When all the hearings were over, we came to go home, when suddenly on the phone line was the secretary of the court who told us that there was a couple who had been delayed for a long time with a divorce, and now he came and wanted to end it. Do yourself a favor, stay tuned so we can finish.

We ask for his name, and the Jew – the divorcee – answers confidently: Aziz! I was struck with astonishment, I immediately moved the table to see that he was an ordinary person, “says R. Yitzchak.

I tried to ask him if it was a nickname, if it was another name, a last name, but the Jew angrily replied that it was his name – Aziz! And that he does not understand what all the questions are about ?! ”

Source: Joseph Greenbaum – HAREDIM 10

Please note: This article was translated.