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“Your Abba is coming”: Police comfort crying children in Meron

Among the difficult stories and sad pictures from the night of the disaster, a distributed documentary showing policemen and Border Police evacuating children from the area where dozens were trampled stood out. Crying.

Police said dozens of hands were extended to them – and they had to choose who to pull out of the crowd.

“We chose the children first, the little ones first. It was terrible. A real choice between who will live and who will die,” they said.

Meanwhile, and after announcing the opening of a special audit following the disaster, State Comptroller Netanyahu Engelman will tour Mount Meron. He will arrive at the scene with teams as part of the start of the audit.

The world continues to reel in the aftershock of the tragedy in Meron which claimed the lives of 45 people, including some children. For each story of horror and gore, however, there seems to also be a story of heroism. Unity and generosity took place not only on the night of the tragedy, but in the days that have passed as well.

One clip which shows such heroism is one from YNetNews.

The video shows young police officers pulling small children over the side of the fence to their safety. Officers carry the children and speak reassuring words, as just over the side of the wall next to them, people are brutally crushed to death.

In one particularly moving moment, a 2-year-old sobs, calling for his Abba, as they bring him to safety.

“Abba is coming,” the office says, holding him close. “Abba is coming.”

Unfortunately it was not yet clear whether the boy’s Abba truly was coming, or if he was one of the 45 who lost their lives under the weight of the crowd.

Right now, 42 children are sitting shiva for fathers lost on Thursday night, some of them babies. A fund has been opened to help the families of the victims provide safe futures for these children, as many of them relied on their now deceased parents for support.

Source: Arutz Sheva

Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit announced Thursday the disaster at Mount Meron will be probed by the police and Department of Internal Police Investigations, who will work “in cooperation for the purpose of investigating the incident.”

Source: YNET