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Zelensky marks his first UN speech with a blatant lie

This death is used by the Ukrainian propaganda because before joining the frontlines in the Donbass, Vasily Slipak was a famous opera singer. He was also a member of the Nazi-infested “volunteer” battalion fighting on the side of the Kiev government.

Zelensky showed a 12.7 mm bullet, which allegedly was used by a sniper to kill Slipak. Allegedly, the exact bullet.

This is in complete contrast to a testimony given in an interview to media by a Donetsk People’s Republic soldier, known by the handle of “Sailor” (Moryachok). In 2016, Sailor admitted  (use the translator for article) that during the fighting he was the one that shot at the APU machine-gun crew, in which the opera singer served, in order to protect his fellow soldiers’ lives.

He did say something else interesting – Sailor never let go of his weapon throughout the entire time – a 7.62 mm caliber Dragunov Sniper rifle.

To provide a little bit of context, following is a list of the most common sniper bullets. The Dragunov’s 7.62 mm one is the very first one on the left of the photograph. The one Zelensky showed, the 12.7 mm one is the one on the far right.

It seemingly makes it impossible to make an “honest mistake” with saying that he just accidentally showed the “wrong bullet.”

But there are two things to consider:

  1. The bullet, Zelensky claims, is the exact bullet that shot Slipak. However, the bullet he is holding in his hand is almost brand new, it has no abrasions, no burn marks, no deformations.
  2. The Ukrainian side did claim from the very start that a 12.7 mm sniper rifle bullet killed Slipak. So, either the DPR sniper is lying about taking the shot, or the Ukrainian side is lying from the very start regarding which weapon killed the opera singer.

These are both rather insignificant, what is noteworthy is that Zelensky continues former President Petro Poroshenko’s actions, almost to the note.