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Zelensky’s father gets state award from his government

Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers has announced that President Vladimir Zelensky’s father, Aleksandr, is one of the 119 recipients of a lifelong scholarship in recognition of making a contribution to higher education in the country.

In an order dated September 29, the cabinet ruled that the monetary accolade, which consists of 8,052 hryvnias ($220) that will be paid out on a monthly basis, will be granted to the selected “scientists and teachers” as of September 1 this year.

Aleksandr Zelensky has had a successful career in the mining industry and is now a professor at the State University of Economics and Technology in Krivoy Rog.

According to Ukrainian media outlets, he was nominated for this scholarship in 2020, but then-Education Minister Sergey Shkarlet reportedly decided against the move.

  • Speaking to Strana.UA, the president’s father insisted that he hadn’t been nominated because he’s Zelensky’s father and didn’t “even really need it.”

He also clarified that it was his colleagues who had recommended him for the scholarship and assured reporters that he was content with his salary and pension, adding that the “president is not poor” either.

Source: RT