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The Germans are Back!

Despite the German government and media’s efforts to demonize anyone not obediently parroting the official “New Normal” narrative as a “dangerous neo-Nazi Corona Denier,” the “Corona Denialism” movement is growing, not just in Germany, but all throughout Europe.

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COVID-19 is ‘Unrestricted Bioweapon’: Whistleblower releases Second Paper alleging ‘Large-Scale, Organized Scientific Fraud’

Li-Meng Yan, A Chinese virologist (MD, PhD) who worked in a WHO reference lab and fled her position at the University of Hong Kong, has published a second co-authored report, alleging that SARS-CoV-2, the virus which causes COVID-19, was not only created in a Wuhan lab, it’s an “unrestricted bioweapon” which was intentionally released.

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La chute du modèle occidental

Le modèle occidental, basé sur le capitalisme et la démocratie, ne parvient plus ni à défendre l’intérêt général, ni à garantir la souveraineté populaire. En accumulant ces deux échecs, il réunit les deux ingrédients d’une révolution généralisée.

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"Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Benjamin Franklin

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Everybody Knows the Fight was Fixed

Both are old men with long, shameful histories. A quick inquiry will show how the rich have profited immensely from their tenures in office. […] Only those backed by the wealthy power brokers get elected in the U.S.A. Then when elected, it’s payback time. Palms are greased. Everybody knows this is true. It’s called corruption.

Tales from the Past

Hundreds of Jewish stories from the sages, the Chassidic masters, and contemporary Jewish storytellers.

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