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Bennett: Today, a sovereignty government was established

Defense Minister and Yamina chairman Naftali Bennett spoke at a Yamina party event on Monday evening following the publication of the exit polls which predicted a majority of 60 MKs for the right.

“The right-wing camp won! And we will make sure that the way of the right-wing will win as well. With G-d’s help, today an Israeli government of sovereignty was established,” he said.

“Prime Minister Netanyahu called me minutes after the exit polls and we congratulated each other. I’m glad we brought victory to the right without attacking each other.”

Bennett praised MK Ayelet Shaked’s role in the election campaign and said, “Ayelet Shaked, the best Justice Minister, will make sure she also comes back [to that role].”

“This is a team of great people. The best team, the most energetic team, the team with the most values, the most honest and cleanest team in Israeli politics and the ideological right. Today it is clear to all of us that this was the right decision. I want to say in a big voice: Yamina will remain united. The people of the Jewish Home, the people of the National Union, the people of the New Right – I love you. There is one big Yamina,” said Bennett.

“We will act as a joint faction in the upcoming Knesset and, as promised, we will do everything possible to turn into one large party. Tomorrow we will convene a joint faction meeting of all of us and start working for the people of Israel, the Land of Israel, the Torah of Israel and IDF soldiers. As we promised, we will recommend to the President that Prime Minister Netanyahu establish the government.”