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Switzerland Cancels its Currency

I previously warned that Trudeau had a law passed as of January 1st, 2021 he can cancel the currency of Canada.

Little by little, those countries who have joined Schwab’s World Economic Forum’s view that paper money must be eliminated and we must have only digital currency so everything is taxed.

Now Switzerland, which has been the hedge in Europe against the euro, has without notice canceled its entire run of currency they call the 8th series which includes the 1,00SF note which has been perhaps the #1 large note used in hoarding.

The notes are NO LONGER legal tender and they are giving everyone until October 30th, to deposit them or lose 100%.

Of course, moving for a one-world government headed by the UN, canceling all currency, and COVID lockdowns for a virus that may have been manmade, and a death ratio of just 0.028%, all of this is just a conspiracy theory if you try to connect any dots whatsoever.

Our role in society is to play the fool.

Just shut up, social distance for everyone is a threat with some disease, and stay in your home and just be ruled.

Read the fake news and watch fake TV programs that are the new cancel culture.

And, “by the way”, have no children.

Drink and get drunk is preferable. Responsibility may soon become a crime.

Source: Armstrong Economics


Recall of banknotes from eighth series

The Swiss National Bank is recalling its eighth-series banknotes as of 30 April 2021.

The banknotes from the eighth series thereby lose their status as legal tender and can no longer be used for payment purposes. However, they retain their value and may be exchanged at any time and for an unlimited period.

This does not apply to the public cash offices of the Confederation (SBB/CFF, Swiss Post), which will continue to accept eighth-series banknotes until 30 October 2021.

Due to the revocation of the statutory exchange period on 1 January 2020, the banknotes can, for an unlimited period of time, be exchanged in person at the SNB counters in Berne and Zurich or at an SNB agency, or be sent to the SNB by post. Please note that certain agencies have limits with regard to such exchanges.

This unlimited exchange period also applies to banknotes from the sixth series. Further information is available in the Instruction sheet for exchanging recalled banknotes.