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Watch: Isaac Herzog sworn in as president of Israel

Isaac Herzog on Wednesday afternoon was sworn in as the eleventh president of Israel.

Following the inauguration ceremony, Herzog spoke of the central task he sets for himself during his tenure.

“From here I will go to the residence of the presidents of Israel, and from there to a journey between the lines of the rift and the fracture of Israeli society.

“A journey that aims to find what unifies within the differences, what brings together among the rifts, a journey designed to rediscover us. I will go this way to meet the pain, to face it, tilt ear and heart – to the difficulty and apprehension, even on the most explosive points.

“In this journey, as I have done throughout my years in the Israeli public, I will refuse to see only the identity of the person in front of me. As always, I will choose to see the inner aspect of the person in front of me. Human beings, their essence, the story of each and every one, the complexity and uniqueness, the small and big successes, the difficulties and pains piled up along the way.”

Source: Arutz Sheva